5 Valentine’s Day love stories to recreate the joy for the festival of love.


Though love needs no special day to be celebrated it’s good to celebrate a day to spend some quality time with your loved one and be grateful for having them in your life. Valentine’s Day is common and unique for everyone at the same time. Common in terms of the festival but unique in terms of stories and memories they make during this festival.

Love and love stories are two inextricable things. Love stories contribute to your feelings of love for your partner. Stories are to connect and to be remembered like Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony. But few untold love stories need to be told and appreciated, for celebrating love uniquely and specially.

This season of love we bring you 5 love stories from around the globe where people celebrated the festival of love in quite a special way. Reignite your interest to celebrate this love day with these stories.

Street Food with Fancy love

Our relationship is not perfect but those simple things we do during Valentine’s Day make it work. It’s not all about extravagant gifts or surprises, it’s about how you celebrate it as a couple, Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant days a couple can have. This is the time where they explore new things and learn more about each other. But instead of dining in a fancy restaurant like other couples do, we do not forget to eat our favorite street foods at Mines View Park during Heart’s Day. It has become a tradition. Without street foods, our Valentine’s date wouldn’t be perfect. It may sound weird to others but for us, this is the best way to celebrate a very special day.                                                       

Shireen, Philippines

A treasured memory of good old cards

"Every year my parents each gave the other two cards for Valentine's Day. They’d spend so much time picking out the perfect cards — one funny, and one sentimental. They kept all of them and once they were in their 80s they started recycling them. They’d choose their favorites out of the old ones and re-gift those since they'd forgotten them by then anyway. It cracked me up! My mom passed away four years ago in an accident and those cards have become a treasured memory to me, an emblem of their decades of love and what true love looks like."

Joy M., Firth, Idaho

The most amazing night twist

"When my boyfriend asked me what we wanted to do for our Valentine’s Day, I didn’t want to be 'high maintenance,' so I just told him we could keep it low-key. Well, he took that as permission to do nothing. He didn’t even get the night off work; he was a waiter at a popular restaurant and didn’t want to miss out on all those sweet Valentine’s Day tips. I was so upset I locked myself in my room and sobbed. My roommate heard what was going on and called him. Then she handed me her favorite sexy cocktail dress and told me to get dressed. She and her boyfriend drove me to the restaurant where he worked without saying a word. When I got there the staff had set up a private table for my boyfriend and me, complete with candles, roses, and champagne. He took his dinner break with me there and it was our most romantic date ever."

Annie R., New Orleans, Louisiana

The perfect tale of love

"My girlfriend is obsessed with cheesy romance novels. I mean, she reads more than a book a day when we're not in school, it's basically her obsession. So, for Valentine's Day, I'm in the process of finishing a nearly 150-page novel telling our story from my perspective. Before I met her, as I met her, when we started dating, all the way until now, 2 and a half years later, with everything in between. I'm then getting it published and gifted to her!"

Justin, Philadelphia

Been there, did that

My husband and I both love to travel and see new things so every year for Valentine’s Day we spend a night in a fun, different hotel. So far we’ve had a hotel room in Monterey that hung out over the water, one in the red rocks in Sonora, one on a ski resort, one that could only be accessed by a gondola boat ride, and a sunset dinner cruise in San Francisco bay. We’ve done a bed and breakfast with a rifleman theme, one with a dog sled theme, and another with a black bear theme. We also did a cute isolated cabin in Pinedale, Arizona. It is the perfect time to escape daily responsibilities and remember why we fell in love.                                                                                                                      

Now stories either fill a part of you or create a void. When you have something similar with you, it creates a sense of inspiration and gratitude. When you don’t have that, you want to feel that, you want to live that. People who are going into this season of love alone, to them we say, “You will find someone”. Love comes in all shapes and sizes so keep looking for them. We all get what we deserve.

Till you find a partner, take your parents on a date or catch up with an old friend and tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life. Let people know you care for them, you love them.

As Chris Martin said in Ever glow, “If you love someone you should let them know.”

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