7 Best Celebrity fitness stories to get inspired from!

Everyday of the year is to celebrate. Last week it was Women's Day being celebrated and now it’s the fitness week. We celebrate these days to remind us of what we should do in our life to make it worth living. On Women’s Day, we pledged to respect and honour women at home or our workplace. This fitness day we pledge to keep our own body fit and fine to live a happy life. When we talk of fitness, we come across a number of stories that inspire us. Robert Matthew presents a fit to fat body transformation fitness guide of such celebrities who had to undergo tough routines just to mold themselves into the character they assayed.

Zoe Saldana – This Avatar star, who played the lead role of Neytiri in the movie, says that in the beginning it was quite a hard task but then she got used to it. She had to keep herself fit to portray the character and as such exercised for long hours. She carried this on with her next adventure Guardians of Galaxy also. Today she is just the second most successful start in Hollywood.

Alicia Vikander: Vikander played the lead role of the adventure-loving girl Lara Croft. To keep herself in shape for the role, she exercised daily for seven months. Besides, she took to rock climbing, swimming, and some intensive training also. Her trainer was none other than Magnus Lygdback who also trained Gal gadot for Wonder Woman.

Emily Blunt: Do you remember the movie Edge of Tomorrow? Emily Blunt played the female lead of Rita Vrataski. The job was easier said than done. The female lead had to have the build of a soldier who could endure any kind of circumstance.  She got into the shape we saw in the movie within just 2 months. She had to go through tasks that would include stunts, endurance training, endless sprints, and reducing her weight. She practiced in such a manner that even Tom Cruise joined in on her workouts sometimes.

Scarlett Johnson: Yes, the Black Widow of Avengers fame. She has a body that most would crave. Her trainer while talking to the Hollywood Reporter said that fitness is a part of her everyday routine. Her sessions last for 45 minutes to hours every day for 5 days a week. She trains her body with weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga, fight training, sprinting, and battling ropes. She drops carbs to keep her fit whenever she has to go for a shoot.

Hugh Jackman: The Wolverine, as we all know him, has kept the same body from Wolverine to Logan. The magic behind this is his formula of “bulk and cut”. He mixed low-intensity training with intervals to bring down the fat-levels while bulking. He also had a diet plan of high-carbs on training days and low on rest days.

Chris Pratt: The Guardians of Galaxy wonder hero, appeared to be quiet chubby in Parks and Recreation. However, he lost 60 pounds in 6 months when he trained for the Guardians. Today he is the best hunk around in the Marvel Empire. To achieve this he trained 4 hours a day. During his schedule, he trained with  battle ropes CrossFit-style workouts. Initially, he had started his workouts with body-building but then shifted to carb-burning when it came to bringing out the Guardian in him.

Evangeline Lily: From Tauriel in The Desolation of Smaug to Hope Pym in Ant-Man and The Wasp, Evangeline used a trainer for her sprints and workouts. Besides this she also does yoga. To keep her fit she always sticks to her planned and personalized nutritious diets.


To keep ourselves fit, and look good, it is essential for us to look after our body. Most important for all of us is an inspiration from somebody who has already achieved the above goal. What better inspiration than the celebrities we like to watch in action now and then. Follow your routines like these celebrities and see the results. It goes without saying that as you progress with the plan, you will want to achieve more to level-up yourself to those celebrities you are following.

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