Fitness Themed Gifts for Active Moms Mother’s Day

A mom is one who fulfills all the desires and demands of her kids. For this, she needs to be active the whole day long, 365 days a year. This demands certain activities and tools that can keep her fit. Active moms today like going to the gym, doing yoga, controlling their diets, even go for an energy redeeming nap. This
mother’s day choose from a Robert Matthew collection of themed gifts to change your ever-busy mom into a fit mom. Presented below are some gift ideas for sporty mothers from Robert Matthew.

Themed Gifts for Active Mothers

  • Biofreeze Pain Reliever: A common problem with all mothers is sore muscles. Applying the gel topically to your skin provides a cooling effect as it contains menthol. The pain reliever is available as a gel, spray, and even as a roll-on. Use it to get rid of sprains, bruises, strains and more.  The Pain Reliever is not hard to procure.
  • Essential Oils: You can present this gift to your mom so that she can relax or even prepare herself for her next workout. Some essential oils provide energy and others provide relief to the body. Looking to relax, you can go for Lavender essential oil, and if you seek to get ready for another hard workout session, try a synergy blend such as vitality.
  • Hypersphere Mini: It’s a bit costly, but worth its value. The vibrating massage therapy ball helps you get relief from tight, sore muscles in your calves, feet, arms, hamstrings, and more. You can carry it anywhere you want. It is also easy to use.
  • The DB Method Machine: If your mom is a workout freak, it must have been difficult for her to reach out to the gym during the pandemic. Present her with this DB Method Machine so that she can keep herself fit and in shape without having to worry about going to the gym for a short stint. The added advantage is she can work out anytime she is free.
  • Manduka Yoga Mat Pro 6 mm: A long enough mat that provides great relief and joint protection due to the maximum density in the cushion. The mat can be disinfected and cleaned easily. The more you practice using this mat, the better grip you get. 
  • Exercise Ball: We all have been working from home since the pandemic started. To start with, your mom can work out from home for which this exercise ball is a great way. Comes in various versions from $25 to above $100. Its available at Amazon online and you will be in possession within a matter of two days.
  • Cotton Yoga Strap: This yoga strap can help your mom stretch her limits while she is doing her exercises or just working. While sticking to the same place, she can increase her range of motion. The strap also provides her the ability to present herself in the same pose for a longer duration. It can be cleaned just like any of your other washables.
  • Airpods Pro: While your mom is doing her exercise, she can listen to some music whether it is some soothing one or helps her do the aerobics. The silicon around the Airpods does not allow the Airpods to get sweaty.
  • Smartwatch: A smartwatch is a must for any active and fit mom. Let the smartwatch perform the analysis while she exercises, runs, walks, or jogs. The smartwatches come in different models and colors. Choose the one that will fit with the personality and liking of your mom.
  • Yoga Bolster Pillow: Don’t let your mom use that couch pillow. Bring her one that is designed as per the yoga positions. Made of material that is best for exercise, and a small handle with it to carry it anywhere makes it a perfect gift for your active gym.

Let’s Conclude

A mother is always busy doing something for us. This mother’s day let us surprise her with a gift that she will not only like but will value also. Present her with a gift that will make her an active, energetic, and a fit mom.

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