How to stop shapewear from rolling down?

When it comes to shapewear, things can get really clumsy and annoying! How is that, you ask?

Well, shapewear can be really annoying and hard to handle when you just start dancing and it starts to roll down. It gets frustrating to keep pulling it up, especially when you’re wearing a bodycon dress or something that is a bit tight! You just end up constantly hitting the bathroom to adjust your shapewear!

And when you’re at a party, just enjoying and dancing, half the fun is taken away by your shapewear slipping down.



If you’re a new momma, struggling with this problem or just a girl who wants to look good and enjoy herself – we feel you! For all the women out there struggling with their shaper shorts, we have got some life-saving tips that will save you from all the slipping, rolling, and tugging underneath your clothes. So, let’s get started with these tips:

Invest in the right size

Well, for starters, look for the right size and only buy the right size! Buying a size up just for the sake of comfort will cost you later! In most cases, shapewear is bound to roll down or slip down when it is a little loose for you. When it cannot get the needed grip, it keeps slipping down.

While this can be the case if you’ve lost some weight after you bought your shapewear, it can still be a problem. So, if you’re going to wear shapewear, make sure you pick the right size and discard the old loose ones to stay sane!

Buy one with straps

If you’re planning to buy a new shapewear, you can invest in the one with straps. This type of shapewear is actually a life-saver and gives you constant comfort. It not only ensures the perfect grip but is the kind to just wear and forget.

So, no tugging on to your waist trainer corset or adjusting your shaper shorts. You can just enjoy your best outfit, look good in it, and have a good time out there.

Make use of pins

If your shapewear is old and loose and you don’t intend to buy a new one, bring out your safety pins and get crafty with them. Use the pins to hook your shapewear to your bra to stop the rolling or slipping down. This is the best way to prevent shapewear from rolling down without having to buy a new one – a great idea for women who wear shapewear less often.

Buy anti-slip shapewear

There are shaper shorts that come with anti-slip silicone lining. These are the best option to look for if you’re investing in new shapewear. You can just look for the grip strips lined on the waistband of these panties or shorts.

These strips keep the shapewear gripped to your body and no matter how much you move, they will prevent them to roll down or slip down your tummy. So, look for these anti-slip strips the next time you’re out there buying shapewear.

Take time Dressing Up

While you’re dressing up, take your time putting on the shapewear properly. First thing to keep in mind is not to put it on directly after you take a shower. Take some time and let your body and skin cool down! After you put your shapewear on, do a little dance and try sitting, jumping, and bending over after wearing it. This will tell you how it can roll or slip down when you’ll be out there. Make the quick fixes before getting out of the house.

Lastly, if you have high-waisted women's shapewear, you can take it all the way up and then tuck it under your bra. This will prevent it from slipping down every now and then.

All these tips will save you from the fuss of adjusting your shapewear over and over again when you’re at a party or just out there having some fun. To avoid it hassle altogether, always shop smart, browse through the size charts and pick the right size and quality for your shapewear. The best thing to do is to try it on before you make your purchase!

Don’t let shapewear prevent you from enjoying your special moments! With these quick fixes, forget all about the rolling and slipping down of your shapewear! 

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