Make a difference in friendly holiday traditions that give back!

The world is full of individuals in need. The Christmas season is an amazing time to make a difference in the lives of those going through tough times. On one side, a family is sitting under the fireplace and waiting to open up their gifts lying under the Christmas tree. On the other side, some people are without gifts, a fireplace, and a family. By making some donations, you can lift the spirits of those in need. Besides this, there are numerous other ways recommended by Robert Mathew that make a change in the circumstances of the needy this Christmas season:

  • Participate in a race for a noble cause: You can integrate exercise in the Christmas season and make it unforgettable. Different racing events take place around the globe, and you can participate in them to raise money for a noble cause. Mark, the date of the Christmas holidays on your calendar, wear your shoes, and be the change.

  • Spend time with those in nursing homes: Have the best time of your life this holiday season with the ones residing in nursing homes as their family couldn't come to visit them. Find time from your schedule to find a nursing home in your vicinity and visit there.

  • Take lunches for those who work during holidays: Robert Mathew has taken the initiative to promote and join hands with the Feeding America project in which 5 percent of the donations will be given from the sales made in November and December. You can be a helping hand to those who have been prioritizing your safety. You are not only saving them money but being helpful but making their situation a little better.

  • Provide helpful shoeboxes to children in need: If you want to do something for orphans, then give them a box full of toys, pencils, sketches, and notes of encouragement. It is impossible to reach every youth around the nation, so sending a shoebox will be a sweet gesture. You are putting a smile on their face by supporting them.

  • Help a sick child's family cope with hard holidays: There are lots of families and children who are receiving treatments in nearby hospitals. Some of them are getting their treatment on loans as the expenses are too much to be for their parents. At the same time, others are going through treatment with little hope left for living. You can be their good samaritan and organize a fun gifting event for these children and add smiles on their faces this Christmas. You can even donate some money for their treatment and lessen the financial burden on their parents.

  • Send them warm wishes: Winter can be quite harsh, especially during the time around Christmas. Some people might not have proper winter clothing or blankets to keep them warm. Sometimes the winter can be so harsh that it can even lead to deaths. So as a part of holiday traditions, you can donate warm clothes and blankets to help these people keep themselves warm. You can donate quilts to the people who live on the street or those who live in orphanages and elder care homes. This would add joy and happiness to your and their lives.

  • Give the gift of the home to the needy: There are a number of people whose lives depend on the streets. These people have to sleep on the footpath as they are not lucky enough to have a roof over their house. This Christmas, you can also give them a home to live in and make a change in their lives. They would forever remember you as their angel in the form of a human being and bless your life with love and prosperity.


Celebrating Christmas with family and friends is an event that we celebrate every year by giving them gifts. Let's pledge to make a change in the world by adding smiles to someone else's life who is in need of it. Do goodwill, and it sure would give you everlasting happiness in life! I hope this Christmas season brings prosperity and ends hunger in the lives of those destitute and needy.

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