Shapewear Guide: For the Beginners, Having No Idea 'Where to Start'


Looking fit is what everyone wants today. Going for a job interview, you do not need to carry that extra fat with you. At least you do not want to look obese. If going shopping or to some party, women want to look slim and to fit into their shapewear. What is fit? There is clothing that can fit an obese person also. The question remains. At
Robert Matthew, we try to answer these questions for those who are beginners to the concept of shapewear by going through this shapewear guide. Shapewear is the clothes you wear that keep you in shape. These include various outfits that will match your size and wallet as well. Ensure you get to notice the following points while choosing your shapewear.

Comfortable Fit & Cooling Effect: A good shapewear must provide you with a comfortable fit and cooling effect. A comfortable shapewear will provide a lot of free movement and make your skin breathable. Such a shapewear with seamless technology provides a lot of ventilation.

Smooth Figure Contouring: This allows for drawing the curves wherever necessary thus providing the control of your body in your hands.

Lightweight Fabric: The shapewear you might get to wear is so lightweight you may even forget to notice its presence beneath your clothing.

Let’s Start Choosing

Now that we have a little idea about shapewear, let us get to the task of choosing the shapewear we want for ourselves. It is not just choosing anything. You need the shapewear to fit into your body and then do its job. Learn to evaluate before you choose. Follow the following steps to get you a perfect shapewear:

1. Choose The Outfit for your Shapewear: Choose an outfit with which you will be wearing that shapewear. If you plan to use the shapewear with more than one outfit, choose an outfit that sits perfect on you in any condition. Use strapless or high-waisted shapewear for strapless outfits, and a waistline shapewear to go with a low backed outfit. Seamless shapewear is the best choice for tight outfits. Short knickers go well with a short skirt type outfit. While choosing shapewear you also need to consider factors such as where and when you are going to wear that shapewear. Go for a lightweight and breathable shapewear when going for a heavy banquet. You might be able to counter indigestion and heat by doing so.

2. Evaluate your physique: Do not feel bad about this. You might find yourself having a family pack belly. But that is just okay. Without evaluation you would never know why and for which part of the body you need that shapewear. Evaluate yourself and then choose a shapewear according to the evaluation results.

3. Which is the Correct Size: While choosing the shapewear go for a size that fits you now not what you want your size to be. If you happen to try yourself into a small size shapewear, you might start not liking yourself. Your belly might be protruding out from all sides – just what you never wanted. So choose a size that is appropriate for you as of now. Remember, a tight shapewear may lead to health-related problems as well.

4. When to Wear: Shapewear never meant parties or dates. It can be worn when going to work. Shapeware can instil confidence if it's worn properly and suits your body. If the case is otherwise, it is better to make a change of your shapewear else you might even put yourself at risk of a urinary tract infection. Doctors do not recommend wearing shapewear for some of their patients.

The Wardrobe

With almost all details given about the shapewear, it is high time discussing the contents of your Shapewear Wardrobe. Your shapewear wardrobe can consist of the following:

Tights: Tight fitting shapewear that help you slim the legs, hips, rear, or thighs are great to add to your shapewear collection.  Tights replace the erstwhile waistbands that used to rollover. This is not the problem with tights.

A Full Body Suit with a cut-out chest: Full body suits are helpful in reducing the extra mass you might have gained around your hips, waist, or stomach. However, there is a problem that comes along with such suits. They also flatten out the chest. The way out is having a full body suit with the chest cut-out according to your specifications. 

Camisole: A camisole helps cover the stomach or in certain cases a bra bulge in the back. A camisole can be easily tucked into your regular clothing such as your jeans or pants.

Slips: Choose a slip that provides extra comfort. Also you might want slips that do not show out of the dress. 

Some Rules to Follow

1. If you are having a short stature, avoid high-waisted shapewear.

2. The best shapewear for you is the one that fits you, not the one that appears to be very strong.

3. While choosing shapewear you are going to wear, think for how long you will have to wear it and how much you may need to eat while wearing it.

4. Not all shapewear is bad. The market is plentiful with such stuff these days. You might like some spanx with laces on their borders.


Shapewear is not just clothing. It is a way by which you start changing who you actually are and then start loving yourself.  Just decide what type and for what purpose of shapewear you want, and lo you are already half-way through to performing that self-transition. Hoping you see a change in yourself after you have decided to give yourself a chance.

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