Ten Small Ways to Appreciate Your Mom- This May 9th

Mother - It’s not just a name, it’s a blessing. They say our connection to the Supreme Being is our mother. In the Hindu religion, even the Supreme Being, Lord Krishna bows before His mother as does Jesus Christ bow before Mother Mary. If a mother is so great that God Himself bows before her, then it lies upon us to respect and provide her the status she deserves in our lives. 

A father can be tough on his children to teach them the ways of life the hard way, but a mother is always full of love for her children. Even if a child may hurt her, she still wishes for the well-being of her kids. Is there any way we can appreciate the ways in which she always stands by us and for us?  She does not allow her husband to scold the child and gets in the way. She willingly takes all ill will on herself rather than let the child suffer. A salute to all such mothers. Robert Matthew has come up with ten small ways to appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day on May 9 2021.  

The Ten Commandments to Appreciate Your Mom

  1. Let her know you care for her efforts: A mom is always doing things for you. She puts in all her efforts to make you happy. So let her know there is none like her who cares so much for you.
  2. I love you Mom: Just tell her you love her whenever she does something for you. All of us take her for granted and just move on. It is her greatness that she doesn’t mind but we ought to tell her that we love her.
  3. Let her know her advice matters: When in difficulty, ask the way out from your mom. Tell her it's only her advice that can help you out of a difficult situation.
  4. Cook her a meal: She would love it if you cooked her a meal. After all she has been doing it for you all her life. Take some time and prepare her favorite dish. Believe me you can do it and she will cherish the moment for a long time.
  5. Make A Card: Don’t buy a thank you card when she does something for you. Instead, make it yourself. My kids used to do it when they were young, and we still remember those beautiful moments.
  6. Clean the House: One way you can appreciate her work is by doing it yourself. Give her some most sought after thing – rest for some time. Clean the house, tend to the garden, cook breakfast or dinner, or bring some vegetables from the market. You will clearly notice the glow on her face.
  7. Surprise her: When she does something for you, which she always does, do not thank her. Go to work and call her from there to tell her that you really loved what she did for you. Surprise her in this manner and she will always remember it.
  8. Dedicate a song to her: These days FM is doing a great job dedicating songs on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Tell your mom that your program is being aired on such and such day on FM. Make sure she listens to it. Make arrangements to dedicate one of her favorite songs to her. She will be your gesture and be proud of you.
  9. Babysit for her: If you have little siblings who need to be looked after, offer to babysit. Let her enjoy for one evening at least with your dad, or grandmother, or one of her friends.
  10. Plan a get-together: Without letting mom know, plan a get-together. When all of you, dad, brothers, sisters, your kids(if any) call on her the same day, you are going to come across her maximum level of ecstasy. Again she will shower this love on you all only.

Let’s Conclude

A mother is one who shows us this world. She gives us life, and then brings us up until we can take care of ourselves. We can never return what she gives to us but we can in little and small ways try to make her happy. Let’s pledge to always keep our mothers happy this Mother’s Day.

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