The 5 Best Shapewear for Plus size Figures

Fat shaming is now looked down upon more than ever. In a bid to develop ourselves as humans we have now started giving a real helping hand to the people who are dealing with weight issues. From promoting plus-size models to including plus-size actresses and actors in movies we are leaving no gaps in our bid to make the world a happier place for everyone. By providing equal opportunity we believe that we as humans are doing what we should- show humanity. 

Apart from promotion in the entertainment industry and other such places a lot of companies are also promoting clothes for plus-size people especially for females. The revolution in the clothing sector brought about many clothing articles that help plus-size people look in shape. 

Intrigued yet?

These clothing articles are called shapewear and basically help women to accentuate curves and hide the extra fat.

Here is some top-of-the-shelf shapewear available for larger women.

High waisted mid-thigh shorts

If you feel that you need to look curvy in the new dress you bought and want to tuck away any flesh that might disrupt a perfect curve then this is what you need. High-waisted mid-thigh shorts will give you the perfect support and will hug you tight to keep things looking stunning. Your waist and thigh might sometimes require a little bit of help to let you have a curvy body for a particular event. High-waisted mid-thigh shorts will help you look stunning in skirts, shorts, dresses, or whatever you decide to wear on that special night. 

Being mid-thigh reaching apparel means that you will be shaped from your waist all the way down to your thighs. So if you’re worried that your shaper might miss out on the legs then it’s imperative that you go for the mid-thigh shapers instead of the ones that reach only the crotch.

You will have the perfect thighs with a perfectly shaped waist to boost your confidence like never before.

High waist brief

Are you going for a photoshoot and worried about the muffin top spoiling your photo?

Are you dreading that the dress might not be able to give you the Instagram-worthy picture that you so desire?

Do you need to get a photo with the ‘panty-effect’?

Well, a lot of shapers come with extensions that extend to the thighs but if you get your hands on a high waist brief then you might just be calling it a lucky day. This kind of shaper will make sure that it squeezes your midsection into a desirable curve and will hold that position for you along with finishing near the crotch to give you the ‘panty-effect’ that you so desired. 

This kind of shaper goes well with lingerie and can look amazing beneath clothing items like a kimono. So don’t hesitate to slip this on and run your hands down your body to feel the shape that you always wanted to attain. 

Tank top camisole shaper

Do you like the way a camisole or a tank top hugs your waist to make you look a tad bit more elegant?

Do you perhaps want to increase the effect?

Maybe you’re looking for something to hug you a little tighter to get that curve into a perfect hourglass figure?

Well, according to the designers at Robert Matthew, what you need is a tank top or camisole shaper to help you hold the tummy in a firm hug, get a tighter strap on the love handles, and smoothen out the bulge on your backside. The amazing effect is perfect if you want to fit into a dress or any other clothing item that will complement the curves provided by the camisole shaper. 

Let alone fitting into a dress with it, if you have a ‘special night’ with a ‘special someone’ then this shaper does not really need anything on top either. These tank top shapers would be all that you need to impress the lucky guy of the evening.

Waist trainer corset

Corsets are often looked at as things of the past. They were looked down upon as unnecessary pain-staking clothing items that women wear to simply accentuate the waist curve to another level. Well, sorry to say but these ‘unnecessary’ clothing items are quite necessary these days seeing their demand. 

A waist trainer corset is like any other corset that you would know about. 

The idea behind the apparel is still the same though the material and the technology would have changed. The waist trainer corsets available these days are made of lightweight breathable material, unlike the heavy and constricting material that was used before. The corsets these days will let you breathe easy and can also be worn much more easily if compared to the ones of the past where you would require an extra hand to get them on.

Crotchless high waisted mid-thigh shorts

We have already discussed the mid-thigh shorts shapers and the magic that they bring with them. We know how they can transform your figure effortlessly and will let you fit into that dress you had been dreaming of. 

Crotchless high-waisted mid-thigh shorts are probably not very different from the regular high-waisted mid-thigh shorts. The only difference is, as the name says, it is without a crotch.

There is basically a hole that is neatly cut out in case you need to run to the washroom for a quick leak. Some women fit hip and butt pads under their shapers and taking them out every time you need to use the washroom can be taxing. Thus crotchless shapers are simple heaven for women who might face such circumstances in the future.

Larger women have every right to get a helping hand when it comes to helping them live their dreams. They might want just a few moments of glory or a few pictures to capture the moment with their body in a perfect hourglass figure. They might want their thighs and hips to look in shape and sleek. 

Shapers are designed for this very purpose. With the help of new technology and advancements in the study of fabrics, the shapers we have available today can make you live your dream all the time and everywhere.

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