The 7 Best Shapewear Pieces to wear under your party dress!

Shapewear, whether it's a camisole shaper or a waist trainer corset, doesn't give a touch of magic to the holiday season's striking appearance. We understand that picking the right shapewear can be difficult, so let us explain. The first thing you'd want to know is that your personality is appealing and never goes out of style, and it's important for a reason, right? While you walk by the countless options for enhancing your form in that exotic gown, your mind will undoubtedly stray to the latest trends in the various shapewear that may be worn with your outfits. The 'corset' surely adds to the flair and look you want to project for the perfect situation.

Shapewear is known for being uncompromising, unpleasant, and sometimes cruel - the word "sausage casing" was used frequently in interviews for this piece. Shapewear is no longer only for red carpets or special events; it's now widely available and designed to be used every day, whenever you need a boost, a hint of lift, or a little tuck. Shapewear is also more widely available these days in a variety of sizes, hues — for all skin tones — and forms, including those for thigh-high slits.

Let's have a look at some of the trends that Robert Matthew’s shapewear designers have created for you, with a little help from our magic!!

Looking for the perfect pair of bandeau and brassiere for a last-minute party, or can't seem to find the perfect present for your girlfriend?

"The ultimate shapewear is snug and form-fitting, yet soft and comfortable enough that you can wear it for hours without feeling restricted."

High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper

According to our specialists, focused compression is the focus of a lot of shapewear these days. "Shapewear used to be a sausage casing that just compressed everything," they say, "but the problem is that when everything is squeezed, it needs to move somewhere - up, down, or sideways." Now it's all about zonal compression, which ensures that nothing gets where it shouldn't." That leads us to Robert Matthew's collection, which, according to our staff, excels at compressing rather than squeezing. We note that these are somewhat more supportive than the brand's daily shorts above and that they will shape your form a little more. "We sell a lot of them," and offer sizes for different body types.

High Waist Briefs

The greatest shaping briefs we heard about all feature higher waistlines, much as the finest shaping shorts. These compression-style briefs from our range are popular among the chic crowd. The control-top briefs are made from specifically developed shapewear that compresses but never squeezes clothing. These briefs are lightweight, don't push or pinch, and deliver smooth and faultless outcomes.

High Waisted Shaping Thong

We strongly believe that we appear to be popular with our team of shapewear experts. Many individuals say that they rarely wear shapewear briefs (the one seen above is an exception), because "you will most certainly see a line on a traditional brief shape" either across the back or at the waist. This is not an issue with our specially designed thong, which many of our clients have used and are happy with.

Waist Trainer Corset

Okay, so the Waist Shaper has a nickname, but a lot of people really like it. People laud the brand's waist cinchers for genuinely achieving their goal of slimming the waistline. Several new parents use them "to create a flatter and smoother form" shortly after giving birth.

Top Camisole Shaper

This Top Camisole Shaper can be described as sensual, splurgy, or smooth, but it's best described as a "hands-down favorite molding lingerie." According to us, it delivers an uncommon blend of sensuality, usefulness, and control. Its plunging sweetheart neckline and removable straps "allow it to be paired with nearly any type of dress," according to the designer. "Our clients almost wish it could be worn as a dress because it's so gorgeous," says the designer. It's possible - under the correct lighting, no one would suspect it's truly shapewear. In addition to feeling less tight, this style also has temperature-regulating technology to help keep you cool.

High Waist full Brief Panties

For a long time, the team's particular favorite has been these high waist full short panties. Many people have said that our brand's briefs are "tough and long-lasting." "Many of those briefs still fit nicely and smooth down the belly area without making people feel packed underneath my garments," says the author. This panty stands out for one very essential reason: it "won't display any visible panty lines," as the name implies. V-shaped leg holes that allow it to extend around the thigh," allowing you to comfortably walk, sit, and dance. "The panty's solitary seam is neatly tucked between the cheeks, making it unnoticeable beneath clothing," says our designer.

Tank Top Camisole Shaper

While we do create shapewear bottoms, we are arguably most known for our tanks, which our clients wear for special occasions. The shaping tank has two moveable inner panels and is especially suitable beneath sheath dresses and blouses and is soft but fitting. People are also enthusiasts, claiming that it works nicely beneath clinging sweaters. The tank may even be worn on its own “with a good pair of trousers,” thanks to features like a reversible neckline and nonslip hem. And, despite the fact that it may seem counterintuitive, remember to step inside the garment and shimmy it up while wearing any shaping tank.

All in all, "If you're coming to your tenth reunion and know your ex will be there, and you want to make sure they fall over when they see you. You can go for that body-con dress beneath which you wear a full-body shaper that pulls you into a hard, smooth form." "This will seem restrictive, and you won't want to put up with it for longer than an evening." To find the best shapewear that’s also comfortable enough to wear to your special day you better rely on Robert Matthew’s designed and handpicked shapewear with your eyes closed you won’t regret it.

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